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You might consider that the difference between art and design is that the artist has no boundaries, whereas the designer does. And we say that really neat design is about accurately identifying the boundaries, working right up to the edge of them and exploiting them for all they are worth.

We specialise in the transport sector.  We know where the boundaries of the playing field are.  We aim to hit the ground running.

And if you want to get the best from industrial design, you will expect it to strengthen your brand equity; your business’ goodwill.  You will expect it to strengthen that precious relationship with your customers. For us, your brand is at the epicentre of the field.

Which means successful design requires more than the predictable creativity, talent and skill.  Success demands common ground and, above all, shared vision.  It can be an exciting journey.

“We strive to make people feel good, feel special even, in the travel services we create”.


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